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BrushWorks School of Art is a school for artists ages 11 through adult who wish to explore the timeless knowledge of drawing and painting. Brushworks uniquely offers each student an individually based fine art education with a professional experienced artist.

The Brushworks studio offers beautiful natural northern light in a welcoming class and student body environment. Artist studying at Brushworks create lasting artist friendships.

  • Instruction in traditional and classical methods, expressive, abstract, and exploratory art.
  • Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, Flemish Oil, Charcoal, Conte’ and all Drawing mediums.
  • Weekly Sessions, Private Instruction, Plein Air Painting Instruction, Workshops, Sketch Group as well as Private Instruction and Art Portfolio building.
  • Painting like the masters thru Still Life and Portrait, Try-It (explore a new medium), Private Group Art Events.

Classes for Teens through Adult continue to be updated and added. Please continue to check back. I would love to hear from you with a special request for a class that meets your needs.

Patricia Schwartz

About Patricia Schwartz

Voted Best Of Lessons.com 2018
Brushworks School of Art was Voted Best Of Lessons.com 2018

I cannot remember a day without the heart, soul and thoughts of an artist.

It is a privilege, an honor and a gift to work as an artist.  It is a passionate path that we follow with each painting and stroke of the brush as we conceive and create our vision of life.  As a plein air painter, studio artist and fine art educator, I enjoy painting the spontaneous and sensual energy of life.

I embrace the deep focus that it takes an image to reach the artist perfection. I love the moments when all the elements meet and the beauty of art flows from the soul to the brush and finally to the canvas. It is the painter’s language of life, spoken through a dedication of passionate curiosity.

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Painting Your Way
Teens Express Yourself Through Drawing and Painting
Build Your Artist Portfolio
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